Parnusée's transparency promise.

Filling a gap in the diamond industry.

handmade in

the international

diamond capital.

Europe > Belgium > Antwerp

From the moment you’ve placed your order, right until you’ve received yourr parnusée piece we keep you updated on your purchase. Known as the diamond, and diamond jewelry capital of the world, Antwerp, Belgium is where we grew up and where we’ve decided to manufacture our handmade pieces. We’ve teamed up with Antwerps finest goldsmiths, setters and polishers. This personal approach to jewelry making provides us with the comfort of knowing where the materials come from.

Wear sustainable

Diamonds are more than fashion, they have been a symbol of timelessness and status. We won't let desire get the best of us.

We're the next generation, now we're the ones responsible for our planet, our home. The time to enjoy the sparkle with a clean conscious has finally come.

No mines,

no traders,

and no markups.

That's Parnusée

Parnusée, a promise worth keeping.

We refused to make jewellery any way but ethically.

Which means we rejected the idea of buying from big, anonymous workshops across the globe, and developed our production process from scratch. This has left us with a much smaller collection of products, but an unrivalled selection of lustrous, responsibly-crafted jewels that are made with love and designed to last forever.

Cut the bullshi-, I mean middlemen...

We have no middlemen and no distribution, which means there are no wholesalers, retailers, and retailers that increase prices at every step along the way. Our ability to be involved in every aspect of our production has allowed us to maintain an astounding level of quality control and make sure that our products are delivered to you in perfect condition.

First-hand laboratory

We buy our diamonds directly from the laboratory

First-hand goldsmith

We work closely with a skilled team Antwerp goldsmiths

First-hand setting

Our diamonds are set by Antwerp's best setter

First-hand retail

We let customers purchase our jewelry directly from us

Our process

Parunsée lab-grown

Our jewelry is made from recycled gold (100% recycled 18-karat) and directly cut, set and polished before being sent off to you, whilst sharing updates every step of the way.

In addition, lab-created diamonds don’t require excavation of precious natural resources, so you can rest assured that they were grown responsibly and ethically.



Mined diamonds

Unlike our jewelry, jewelry set with mined diamonds have huge environmental, social and economic impacts (child labour, soil erosion, displaced earth, deforestation and ecosystem destruction).

In addition, amined diamonds will, on average, exchange up to 15 hands (that's 15 markups you're paying) before it's set.


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