Undoubtedly, Belgium made quality.

Purchasing a Parnusée piece is purchasing Belgium's finest quality.

Hand made, per order

To reduce environmental impact we've decided to work on a made to order basis thus avoiding overproduction. It also allows us to continuously update our collections and easily adjust the jewel to match your needs up to a t.


Our Goldsmith designs all of our rings with 18 karat gold, the only type of metal that will last – never to lose its luster or shine.


Every lab-grown diamond is hand picked by experts, and then cut to the highest quality. Talk about guilt-free quality.


We’re passionate about our craft and work with only the best goldsmiths and the most renowned diamond setter in Antwerp.

Customer service

What's quality without customer service to back it up? With us you'll get a personal help with all your inquiries.

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