Certificate of Authentication

Every diamond is a unique specimen. Without proper grading, no one can determine its quality and value.

A diamond certificate from an independent diamond grading laboratory ensures the accuracy of the measurements and authenticity of the stone.

A diamond certificate ensures that both professional and consumer are privy to the same information. A certificate allows consumers to determine if a diamond is worth its price.

Who certifies my diamond?

GIA, HRD, and IGI all grade lab grown diamonds. All three organisations are internationally renowned diamond graded.

At Parnusée you get an IGI certificate on all diamonds weighing 0.5 ct or more. we can get your diamond GIA or HRD certified upon request.

Verify your
IGI certificate

You can verify the authenticity of your certificate at an IGI lab or simply online. follow the steps below and verify anytime from anywhere.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

To verify simply find the Q.R. code on your IGI certificate, then click the "verify with Q.R. code" button below and scan your Q.R. code.

If you prefer, you can also manually verify with your certificate number by clicking the "verify your certificate no." button. You'll be able to easily enter your certificate no. and hit search.

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